The sun is shining today in the Adige valley, it is a beautiful spring day. There is little traffic on the street. I arrive at the office, all my colleagues are already here. We unanimously agree for the usual morning coffee. A look at the e-mail before to go, everything seems ok.

The atmosphere is relaxed: we are close to a few days off! The aftertaste of the coffee is not so good today, we return to the office: duty calls!
Some time to organise our work, to schedule some tests when, among the messages in the Inbox, appears one with consignee the head of the technical support, HIGH priority, subject: “Supply of not working equipment“.

We immediately prepare a departmental brainstorming: the elements at our disposal seem to exclude any liability of product. So we decide to reproduce the environment of the client, and then to contact him for the necessary details. In the laboratory everything works properly, but still remain some problems in the production environment.

We decide to schedule the intervention out of office for a more detailed analysis, involving also the research and development department.
There is turmoil and agitation by the customer: things do not go according to expectations. We sit at the table and start a confrontation. There is the common desire to reach a conclusion: we are working in synergy.

We move to the field, the first tests confirm a different behavior from the laboratory. We work step by step and start to exclude some elements. Here we are: the exclusion of the use of the microphone from the working session, everything works properly.
The abnormal behavior is caused by settings in the farm, we act accordingly and get to square the circle. Everything works as it should, the environment is relaxed now.

The customer is satisfied, the world is safe and coffee tomorrow will certainly be more tasty!