ThinOX4PC is the software solution that turns the PC into a secure and fully managed thin client.

Released on the market last year, ThinOX4PC implements the latest level of thin client operating system developed by Praim on Linux kernels.

ThinOX4PC is complementary to the Praim ThinMan management solution, which implements a high management and control of all desktop workstations, in the company network or in Cloud.

ThinOX4PC was mainly presented to the market for the repurposing of obsolete PCs, in order to extend their use and guarantee a gradual transition to the thin client solution. In addition to this application, however, ThinOX4PC has proved to be an excellent solution also for new generation PC devices, to ensure security and complete management.

Starting from April 2018, in order to provide a more suitable licensing model for this market opportunity, a simplification will be introduced through the adoption of a concurrent licensing model.

The previous license method provided a static assignment of a ThinOX4PC license to a PC, through the purchase of a ThinMan device management license with the related annual subscription software.  This did not allow for replacing a PC with new device, as the original ThinOX4PC license was still associated to the old PC.

The new licensing model will include a single ThinOX4PC license with an annual fee, either Premium or Platinum, depending on the desired ThinMan management level.

The price includes all license costs and the reassignment of the ThinOX4PC license to new deviceswith concurrent device licensing. The customer will therefore only have to purchase the number of licenses corresponding to the number of PCs to be used with ThinOX4PC. In the event of a reduction or increase in the number of PCs, it will be sufficient, to reduce or increase the number of licenses.

The fee includes all ThinMan management console updates and all the software updates of ThinOX4PC, which can be deployed with automated policies through the console itself.

ThinOX4PC joins the new Agile4PC, a similar solution, but which addresses to the management and access of PCs with Microsoft operating system.