So, who needs an office today? The benefits of working remotely have been accepted and now are becoming the “normal” way to work. No more commuting, staff empowerment, greater productivity, improved employee work/life balance and increased cost savings are the headlines that organisations are now achieving.

As with anything, this way of working can be improved upon.  With the benefits comes some hurdles to overcome. Issues resulting from reacting to a global situation that few would have planned for now need addressing. Praim are here to help you.

Praim’s software and hardware solutions have focussed on management, security, reliability and, ease of use for the SME and enterprise. With the new requirement to work from home, combined with using virtual desktops, Praim solutions are ideally placed to provide these same benefits for an office-less working world.

With Praim ThinMan management software it is possible to provide complete remote support for all users, regardless of how and what connection they have to the corporate infrastructure.

How can Praim and ThinMan benefit you? Take a typical use case where users now connect to a virtual desktop through a public Internet connection. To secure this, a VPN client is required. Any pro-active or reactive support is dependent on this connection. With ThinMan, the support team can provide support the moment the client connects to the Internet using secure protocols. AnyVPN issue can now be resolved without the user needing to do anything themselves. Full remote connection, device configuration, security and any updates for all devices that can now be anywhere are all within the easy reach of the support team, through a single management program.


The Praim ThinMan management solution will work with existing Windows PCs or with devices that have been either permanently repurposed or temporarily use a bootable USB drive running Praim’s Linux based thin client firmware.

All these products are available to try for free for 30 days, and further information can be obtained at the Praim website or by speaking with any of our Praim representatives.

To answer the opening question is still yours to resolve, but with Praim ThinMan Advanced at the heart of your virtual desktop infrastructure, supporting remote workers will not be an issue.