In Praim we consider it essential to always be in contact with our customers, on every occasion, and to always provide the best possible service!
For this reason, it will be even easier to monitor your shipments of Praim products.

We have activated a service that will speed up the way to independently check the status of shipments with an online monitoring system connected to the courier’s website.
It will not be necessary to contact customer service, the online systems will provide you with real-time updates on the situation of your shipments during the transit, while for the main status changes you will receive an email directly from Praim, containing the references of your shipments.

This service is an addition to another Praim news launched last March, which concerns the insurance of shipments to our customers for the full value and the modification of their mode of transport from “Ex Works” to “Cost, Insurance and Freight“.

A new commitment that we take towards our customers to provide an always efficient and punctual service.