Virtualization and a complete management centralisation brought evident advantages to Mediamarkt business activities.


Replace the PC estate with a solution that could grant high performances, lower helpdesks costs, improve efficiency of management and cut maintenance costs.


On the occasion of the renewal of the PC estate, Mediamarkt S.p.A., owner of the brands Media World and Saturn, rethought how to supply the endpoint services, in the specific case: they decided for virtualizing desktops. The aim was to give users more efficient workstations by maintaining user experience.


Implementing desktop virtualization with Praim XT 900 (with ThinOX operative system), by managing all endpoints from a single point with Praim ThinMan Enterprise Edition Console.   


Mediamarkt improved all endpoints management, by obtaining also a reduction in the disservices caused by faults in the workstations, but it also reduced economical costs from various aspects: the reduction of on-site maintenance costs, as well as the reduction in energy consumption.