Running Moulton College and its 3 remote campuses just with a small 4 persons IT team is a nearly impossible task, if you want to maintain a high standard and keep end users satisfied.


Create an easy and efficient way to manage and maintain more than 1000 working stations in various places while improving quality standards and students experience and satisfaction.


Moulton College, a further education college based in England, has a small IT team, which is responsible for the IT management of the main campus and 3 satellites campuses, with around 1000 PCs and a regular need of adding new working stations, as the college and IT needs are growing. The small IT team looks for a better way to run and maintain high-quality and satisfactory user experience in the most centralized way.


To implement Praim P9002 Zero Client, VMware Horizon View 6.1.1 and Teradici Management Console in order to provide the level of performance required by the College.


Moulton College notably improved endpoint management, which reduced need for local maintenance and tasks support allowing a small IT team to have an easy control over all endpoints and smoothly add new working stations. The very low energy consumption resulted in reduced costs and helped Moulton College to be recognized as a green and environmental-friendly college.