The new feature ThinMan Repeater enhances and extends the management of all endpoints in remote locations.
Available for download the new version 7.5 of ThinMan management console with the new ThinMan Repeater feature.


What offers ThinMan Repeater?

Direct control of devices in remote locations
ThinMan Repeater is a new software component, which acts as a repeater between all devices in remote networks and ThinMan console.

Full control without VPN connection
ThinMan Repeater enables the full control of all Thin Clients or PCs just by using Internet connection, without the need to use a VPN connection.

Easy devices’ management from the cloud
Now ThinMan can be installed on the cloud. Thanks to ThinMan Repeater, you could manage all the endpoints installed in the headquarter or in any branch office directly from the cloud.

Secure connection
ThinMan Repeater provides secure connection thanks to HTTPS protocol.

Bandwidth optmization
ThinMan Repeater reduces bandwidth and time utilization for software updates in remote locations