Praim introduces ThinMan 7.5 with the brand-new ThinMan Repeater, which will boost and extend devices management, also in the cloud.

The new version of Thin Clients and PCs management console optimizes administration in WAN and Internet networks thanks to its new component, simplified management and enhanced distribution.

Trento, June 2016 – Praim, a global manufacturer of Thin & Zero Client solutions introduces the new 7.5 version of ThinMan. The management console that allows to administrate Thin Clients and computers centrally, both via Web and in local and remote version.

ThinMan automates all administrative and installation operations of Thin Clients and PCs and thus it has became one of the most critical tools for IT Managers. Moreover, it has an important role in costs reductions as it facilitates management operations and consequently decreases troubleshooting time on peripheral network devices.

ThinMan 7.5 and ThinMan Repeater

The new version of ThinMan includes ThinMan Repeater, an essential feature for subsidiaries and remote offices management.  

ThinMan Repeater is a brand new software component that is possible to install on every Windows device and has a repeater function between remote network devices and the ThinMan console. After its installation in branch offices an administrator will have a complete access to remote devices, without a need of VPN, simply by using the Internet connection. Once the connection of ThinMan Repeater to ThinMan console is validated, an operational continuity and maximize productivity is ensured in a completely secure environment, also in cloud infrastructures.

With ThinMan Repeater it is possible to manage Wake On Lan, provide remote support, distribute updates, profiles and polices across all remote networks. Besides, WAN traffic and updates activities are extremely optimizes in an efficient and secure way, thanks to remote repository of the update packages.

The device management technology developed by Praim always has been an element of distinction in our solutions. Thin Client implementation always has been widespread in companies with branches and offices across the world. For this reason we have developed the new component that simplifies device management in these environments,” said Stefano Bonmassar, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Praim. “ThinMan Repeater is a great step ahead. Especially, considering its application in cloud infrastructures, which often expect the supply of virtualized desktops and applications in companies that use access devices such as Thin Clients and PCs. Our goal is to continuously provide a tool that supports the facilitation as well as reduction of resources needed in the global administration and thanks to that allows IT managers to concentrate on core business activities of their companies”.

The new ThinMan Repeater feature is enabled on ThinMan Platinum and it is compatible with Praim Windows Embedded Standard Thin Clients and ThinOX, from version 10.1.x.

The update to new ThinMan version, ThinMan Repeater setup and the last edition of ThinOX SO will be available completely free in the private area on for all customers with active software assurance agreement, starting from 20th of June.

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