Praim Agile – Your Smart Cloud Access, a new interaction mode turning Windows Thin Clients into Zero Clients and even more…

Trento, May 2nd, 2016 – Praim, global manufacturer of Thin & Zero Client solutions, announces the launch of Agile – Your Smart Cloud Access. The latest addition to the Praim solution portfolio offers users with a new interaction modality to create a totally safe and smart zero client experience on Windows Embedded Thin Clients.

One of the main feature of the Windows Thin Clients, is the flexibility to quickly integrate new components released for Microsoft OS. On one side, the flexibility represents a positive and distinguish element, but, on the other side, the breadth and the complexity of the Windows user interface can be a limit in a Thin Client environment where the IT manager aims to offer a unique, simple and safe access to the company business infrastructure.

The new Praim Agile mode removes all the complexity associated to a Windows desktop, enabling a single, direct and simple access to the resources defined by the administrator. The users interact with a new simplified interface designed to access all the applications in a more intuitive way that has never been easier.

What does Praim Agile offer?

  • A new simplified user interface without the complexity of the Windows desktop
    An intuitive interface that locks down all Windows features and prompts users with a simple straight Login dialog box. The Agile mode avoids any tampering from the user, reserving administrators the exclusive right to access and set the system’s parameters.
  • Centrally managed with Praim ThinMan
    The endpoint configurations as well as the Agile mode, can be centrally managed and applied using Praim ThinMan management console. Having a single point of management and a complete control over the entire estate of endpoints represents a unique and essential value for IT managers.
  • A new smart way to start your applications
    Users will be given access only to those applications and connections chosen for their profile. Resources are now organized in a more neat way and can be quickly launched with a simple click of the mouse. Praim Agile can also be configured to automatically start a defined application after the user’s login.
  • Windows Embedded Thin Clients no longer need to join an AD domain
    The combination of Agile and ThinMan console extends the capability of the ThinMan Login feature to Windows Embedded Thin Clients. Administrators are no longer forced to enroll WES Thin Clients to the domain, as Agile can validate users to a defined Microsoft Active Directory.

“Agile, Smart Cloud Access, is the result of Praim’s commitment to answer current and future market’s needs “– said Stefano Bonmassar, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer  of Praim. “It’s not just an easy access mode, but it’s thought to be a single point of access to all the resources that Cloud offers us. Today, Praim Agile is a technology available on our Windows Embedded products and it currently supports Microsoft RDS and VMware Horizon. We will soon complete the offer integrating the support for Citrix HDX and extending the compatibility to other Windows products such as PC, Laptop and third party WES Thin Clients”.

The new Agile mode is available on all Praim Windows Embedded Standard 7 models, and it is included with our latest Service Pack release (available for free download on our reserved area on Praim website). Praim Agile will not be available for Window Embedded 8 Standard models. The new models running Windows 10 IoT, available soon, will include the Agile mode by default.

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