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Innovative management of working environment

Praim simplifies management and access to the Cloud.

Through the synergy of hardware, software and nearly thirty years of experience we provide an integrated approach to seize opportunities of the Cloud, increase productivity and provide critical benefits in the workspace management.


Easy access. At any time, from any place.
Access your work at any time and from any device. Maximum flexibility and convenience while carrying out activities.


Smart management of workspace.
Simply introduce new working models to your company. Opening a new office, changing your current one or starting working from home has never been so easy.


Information and data under lock and key. Transfer and safely manage sensitive information and confidential data by securing the information assets of the company and preserving the future.


Job supervision and quick interventions. Monitor all activities from a single device, act quickly and effectively. All in order to empower the administrator to have complete control over the infrastructure and networks.

Case Studies

Our challenges, your successes
Logistics & Transport

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