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ThinMan Smart Identity

Fast and easy access to your company’s resources

The smart card authentication solution for accessing your PCs and thin clients

Fast access

ThinMan Smart Identity lets users to access their workstations using a smart card with NFC technology.
So stop wasting time. This add-on module for ThinMan Platinum Edition lets you use contact or contactless cards for user authentication.


ThinMan Smart Identity lets administrators enable different types of access and security, in a granular way.
For example, you can require card insertion only, or ask for card plus password/PIN.

Simplified management

ThinMan Smart Identity makes managing user access simple. The enrollment process lets administrators enable/disable user cards as well as devices that are enrolled.
ThinMan Smart Identity is compatible with all Praim endpoint solutions: Agile4PC, ThinOX4PC and any kind of thin client, Windows and ThinOX.

Try all ThinMan Smart Identity benefits

Provide your users with a physical key that makes the authentication process from your company’s workstations faster and easier.

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