Praim is proud to announce the upcoming release of ThinOX version 11. In this case it’s a real general recompilation of the system, rather than an update: ThinOX will pass from being a 32-bit operating system to a 64-bit version.

The new starting point for Linux components will be Ubuntu 16.04.6 which will be supported by Canonical until April 2021. Ubuntu version 16.04 is actually the most widespread, and enjoys almost daily security updates: a key feature to ensure the security of the entire system.

Switching to the new version will bring clear advantages with regards to product applicability and user performance.

Product applicability

Support for new CPU models

For some years now the CPUs have 64-bit memory registers. The new version will allow optimal use of all processor features.

Support for modern video cards

The new version allows the update of the open and proprietary drivers related to the three most common graphics chipset families: Intel, NVidia and AMD.


Increased RAM supported

The optimal use of 64-bit registers will allow the addressing of more memory, exceeding the well-known limit of 4GB. With this version the maximum memory limit of manageable RAM will be 2^64/8 bytes. Starting from April, it will be possible the purchase of ThinOX terminals with more than 4GB of RAM.

Support for new Horizon clients

Starting with version 4.7, VMware has decided to update all the libraries used to connect to a Horizon server. The new version of ThinOX fully supports all the libraries needed to keep the VMware client up to date.

Support for webcams for Skype for Business

Modern CPUs require updated drivers for accelerated playback of video streams, such as those from a webcam. To use Skype for Business video acceleration in the Citrix environment on N91 and E91 models it will be necessary to upgrade the thin clients to this version.

Faster and more updated browser

ThinOX 11 will come out with Firefox 63 with the support of more specifics and features. As modern browsers are designed for 64-bit architectures, you will immediately notice a significant improvement in performance.

Available models

Upgrading to version 11 will be possible and free on all models currently in the Praim catalogue.


The update will be possible directly from the ThinMan management console, like a normal firmware update.