Praim’s software solution for administering Windows PCs and Thin Clients and streamlining access to cloud resources introduces new important features.

Praim Agile is the software that enables centralised management of Windows PCs or Thin Clients through the Praim ThinMan management console.

As well as allowing centralised workstations management, Agile implements a new graphical way – simple and secure – of accessing enterprise-class on premise or cloud computing resources.

Agile is the result of Praim experience in developing the workflow management and optimisation system for accessing enterprise workstation resources. Agile is licensed to install and manage Windows PCs, while it is available as an integrated feature in every Thin Client Praim with Windows 10 IoT and Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system.

These are the main news introduced in version 2.1.0:

  • New user profile management with Praim ThinMan Platinum console

Used with the Praim ThinMan console, Agile allows you to deploy dynamic configuration profiles on all workstations, based on the user authenticating to the workstation.

The Agile component, used with the Praim ThinMan console, allows users to authenticate with Microsoft Active Directory and dynamically distributes the resources assigned by the administrator. The process is handled with a Single Sign-On authentication and does not require joining to the workstation domain, so it can also be used with Windows OS versions without this support.

Thanks to Agile, the workstation automatically populates the specified resources assigned to the user who logged in, allowing a quick and secure access. This feature is particularly useful in shared workspaces, where access to your resources, regardless of the workstation you are using, becomes a necessity.

  • New browser mode

It allows the administrator to set the workstation with a single full screen browser session, in a “kiosk” navigation mode, which can not be altered by the user. The administrator can enable or disable browser features that are required for specific use (eg navigation buttons, address bar, search button on page, ..). This feature allows you to easily create navigation kiosks, digital signage, or web applications (even with touch screen monitors) while ensuring device security and preventing any other application from starting. Like all other Agile features, browser mode is also manageable through the configuration profiles that can be distributed through the ThinMan console.

  • New Advanced Write Filter for Windows

Write Filter is a feature in the Windows 10 Enterprise and Education versions, which allows you to set disk read-only protection. Agile allows the administrator to easily and accurately manage disk protection activation and defining the files and directories that you want to exclude from the protection. A particularly useful option for using software that requires write access for their operation and for saving upgrades or configurations (eg antivirus, log files, databases, …). Write Filter functionality can also be centrally managed through configuration profiles.

Agile is included in every Thin Client Praim with Windows 7 Embedded and Windows 10 IoT.

Agile is distributed as a licensed software product for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems. Version 2.1.0 is compatible with Praim ThinMan management software version 7.7.0 or later.