Available the new update for the ThinOX v10 operating system: new VMware Horizon 4.7.0 client, Citrix Receiver 13.7 and Unified Communication support. 

Trento, 14th March 2018 – Praim, global leader in providing powerful managed endpoint software solutions and a manufacturer of thin and zero clients has announced the new ThinOX version for its Thin & Zero Client solutions.

ThinOX is the Linux-based operating system specifically designed by Praim to offer users and administrators a high quality thin client solution, ensuring security, reliability and ease of management through ThinMan. Version 10.2.9, already available for free download through the My Praim reserved area, further enhances the features included in the Praim operating system.

Here is a brief summary of the available features:

New VMware Horizon 4.7.0 client

VMware Horizon Client for Linux simplifies the access to the Windows virtual desktop from a Linux system. The adaptive capabilities of the VMware Blast and PCoIP display protocols are optimized to provide the best user experience, even on low bandwidth and high latency connections.

What improved:

Seamless Window

With this feature, users can interact with an application running on a remote desktop as if it was a locally running application.

VMware Blast Network Recovery

The VMware Blast network recovery feature has been enhanced to be resilient against transient network failures, providing network continuity to desktops and remote applications.

Session Collaboration

When the session collaboration feature is enabled for a remote desktop, you can invite other users to join an existing remote desktop session, or you can join a collaborative session when you receive an invitation from another user.

Citrix Receiver 13.7

Receiver for Linux allows users to access virtual desktops and hosted applications provided by XenDesktop and XenApp from devices running the Linux operating system.

What’s new:

Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)

Citrix Receiver for Linux integrates the Customer Experience Improvement program to improve the quality and performance of Citrix products, collecting anonymous statistics and usage information. By default, CEIP is enabled but can be disabled.

Using Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) to support Enlightened Data Transport (EDT) connections

This allows secure external access to resources hosted in XenApp and XenDesktop environments using the EDT protocol.

For more information on the EDT protocol you can read the article: “Citrix Receiver for Linux 13.7: full support for the EDT protocol”.

The list of supported features is shown in the Citrix Receiver Feature Matrix.

Unified Communications support

Cisco VXME

The ThinOX system can be enriched with the free add-on Cisco Virtualization Experience Media Engine (VXME), already available in the previous versions. Thanks to the integration of VXME, the full range of Praim devices (ThinOX and Windows Embedded) supports the Cisco Jabber solution, providing users with a high quality audio and video conferencing experience in virtualized systems. With VXME support, users can use Cisco Jabber in virtualized Citrix XenDesktop or Citrix XenApp published desktop environments, and VMware Horizon.

HDX RealTime Optimization Pack 2.3

The HDX RealTime Optimization Pack offers a scalable solution for delivering audio-video conferencing services and voice telephony over the Internet Protocol via Microsoft Skype for Business. The Optimization Pack uses the existing Microsoft Skype for Business infrastructure, locally or in the cloud, interacting and optimizing the flow directly with other Microsoft Skype for Business endpoints running on devices.

VMware Horizon Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business

This pack allows you to use Skype for Business on your virtual desktop, ensuring a great user experience. The solution works by using an engine that optimizes the flow of audio and video data between clients, decreasing the CPU resources of virtual machines.