Trento, October 16, 2017 – Praim announces the release of the new version 7.7.0 of the ThinMan console, making centralised management even simpler and more intuitive.

Five new features introduced in this new version:

  • User profile management for Praim Agile

Along with the new version of Agile 2.1.0, the software installable on a Windows PC that offers a thin client interface, ThinMan can now manage user profiles on these devices as well. You can simply login with your credentials and have access to your resources at any workstation. This feature is particularly useful in shared workplace environments where it becomes necessary to have access to your profile on all devices.

The feature is active for users using the ThinMan Login feature with the Agile Mode option (Agile 2.1.0 or later version)

  • Automatic assignment of devices to groups

Improved automatic assignment of devices to groups. You can now choose between three device assignment options to a group: automatic assignment every time the device is notified to the ThinMan management console, only the first time the device is notified, or you can disable the feature by manually managing the device assignment.

This is an appreciable advantage when a device is physically moved within the company and you want to assign it to the new group.

  • Sorting of Policy Profiles and Scheduled Activities

Within the Configuration Profile menus you can now sort the profile and activity list, thus facilitating the search and the possible modification of profiles.

  • New IP Range Management

The voice ‘Network’ has been added to the main tree; it allows the creation and management of the IP Ranges as well as their immediate visualization. By upgrading, existing IP Ranges will be added in the new structure.

  • Device Discovery Functions optimised

The discovery of devices feature has been improved and it is now even more efficient. The management of the discovery protocols is now totally automatic.


The version 7.7.0 of the ThinMan console is available for download from the Praim website, through the dedicated My Praim area.