Satisfactions… Let’s talk about that times in which this job has in store for you (unexpected and motivating) a moment of satisfaction. This job, which is mainly made of listening, concentration, acrobatic shifts from one argument to another, and fitful research of a reason for a malfunction declared by the customer who calls you.

It’s true; we are constantly focused on problems… On the ones we glimpse, and then reveal to be not so serious; or the ones pointed out by the customer and that we rush to solve as if they were an open-heart surgery.

Then, a sentence. An implicit one, that you don’t expect; when the customer tells you: “I know you took on responsibility of my problem and I know that you will solve it!”.

“Is that it?” – you say. The answer, on impulse, can’t be translated. But if we force ourselves to use a refined lexicon, we can translate the expression with “… You call that nothing!”.  

In these times we can accede to all support centres of all brands. Really a few of them (I am told) don’t connect you with a far away structure or toll-free number, but with a real person that grants you continuity and knowledge.   

It is certainly not a single person who solves your problem, but it is exactly him who takes responsibility of it, examines it, re-checks it, compares it, talks about it with who knows about.  He also becomes your lawyer with who sees the problem as normal, ordinary, perhaps unavoidable. He deals with you, customer, and eventually gives you a solution…