ThinOX4PC - Praim


Turn your PC or notebook into a
thin client


ThinOX4PC turns your PCs, notebooks or third-party thin clients into Praim thin clients.

Limit investments in new hardware, increase security, optimize the management of your endpoints


ThinOX4PC is the software solution designed to extend the life of your PCs and turn them into a light and efficient thin client solution.

ThinOX4PC guarantees full compatibility with access to Citrix virtualized infrastructures, VMware, Microsoft, as well as many Cloud environments.


– Install ThinOX O.S. on your PC
– Convert PCs in powerful thin clients
– Enable to full centralized management

ThinOX4PC secures your workstations


ThinOX4PC installs the Praim ThinOX Linux-based operating system on your workspaces.

ThinOX guarantees total block writing of the disk, making the devices immune to viruses or tampering.

Only system administrators can perform updates, configurations and distribute connections to corporate resources.

Corporate workstations are kept under strict control.


– Virus Free
– Disk write filter enabled
– USB mass storage lock

ThinOX4PC and ThinMan are the perfect combination!


ThinMan management console offers you the solution to control, remotely manage and automate any operation on ThinOX4PC.

From switching on endpoints to software recovery, from monitoring to updating, from login to remote user support: managing your business has never been easier.


– Full centralized management
– Configuration & firmware updates
– Wake on LAN
– Scheduled activities

A longer life for your workstations


ThinMan and ThinOX4PC reduce the costs of creating and managing your workstations. With ThinOX4PC you can extend the life of your endpoints, and make them more secure.

ThinOX4PC converts a variety of different hardware with different operating systems, into a group of secure, performing and fully managed devices by ThinMan.

Download product specifications


 Download now the documentation:

Complete your endpoint solution with perfect management!

Discover how the ThinMan management console can help you managing all your endpoints in an easy and effective way.


ThinOX4PC can be purchased as an annual lease fee per device.
The fee is available in two versions, for integrated use with ThinMan management console, and differs between the
first year of use and subsequent.


ThinOX4PC Premium – NEW Licence – Lease fee, 1 Endpoint, First year use
ThinOX4PC Premium – RENEW Licence – Lease fee, 1 Endpoint, 1 additional year use
ThinOX4PC Platinum – NEW Licence – Lease fee, 1 Endpoint, First year use
ThinOX4PC Platinum – RENEW Licence – Lease fee, 1 Endpoint, 1 additional year use



ThinOX4PC Premium ThinOX4PC Platinum
NEW Licence – Lease fee,  1 Endpoint, First year use 60,00 € 73,00 €
RENEW Licence – Lease fee,  1 Endpoint, 1 additional year use 15,00 € 20,00 €



ThinOX4PC & ThinMan: no other tools needed!

ThinOX4PC enjoys all the configuration, management and deployment features offered by Praim ThinMan console.
Two console versions are available:

–  ThinMan Premium Edition: for a complete and granular management of your devices

– ThinMan Platinum Edition: for advanced profiling and the automation of management and deployment operations of workstations.

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