The IT department can spend up to 70% of a business day in enterprise IT infrastructure management activities. With Praim’s solutions for your business, you can automate management processes and increase productivity.

In all companies, IT resources are often involved in performing ordinary and extraordinary IT infrastructure management activities that are essential in order to ensure the correct functioning and the best performance possible. Keeping the fleet up-to-date, restoring configurations or creating new ones, deploying and upgrading software to all devices and workstations are just some of the day-to-day activities the IT Manager needs to perform.

However, these activities can even absorb 70% of a day’s work. The IT department must also deal with the difficulty it can encounter in carrying out all operations so that users are not bothered in their daily work activities, but also in avoiding the need to be physically present during the execution of the operations or to manually launch them.

For this reason, it is really important to use tools that enable the IT department to perform all infrastructure management and maintenance tasks in the shortest time possible, to be able to spend time on all the other activities. This is exactly the purpose of the ThinMan management console: providing the IT departments with a tool that can lower the workload, freeing resources and time for other business activities that are strategic for business growth. ThinMan is the management console that allows you to centrally manage all enterprise devices, both thin client and PC type. It natively interfaces with devices, whether they run Windows or Praim ThinOX operating system.

One of the Praim management console features is precisely the ability to automate management tasks and also administer the most heterogeneous groups of devices and users.

With ThinMan it is possible to keep up-to-date all installed devices from one single point. In this way, the IT Manager will not have to move to all offices (both on-site and remote ones) to perform physical operations on each individual device. Software updates can also be executed in a scheduled way at predetermined times or events: the IT Manager will be able to decide on the best time during the day (or during the night) to perform the updates. This brings two main benefits: updates will not bother users, as they will be set in the most timely manner, such as lunch breaks or end of business day, and by using ThinMan Login functionality the IT Manager will also be aware of which workstations are active and which ones are not. The ability to update asynchronous events is another important feature of the product and it refers to the ability to trigger updates as a result of events such as switching on or off devices, which can also be executed in a planned manner.

ThinMan console can then help your business automate management processes, increase productivity and develop power management policies that will result in time and money saving.


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