Are you looking for a powerful management console? Do you want to remotely manage your endpoints in an efficient and effective way?

ThinMan offers powerful remote management of all endpoints. These include scheduled activities, activities based on event, power management of devices, remote support and configurations settings.

Brandon Lee from VirtualizationHowto tested and reviewed some of ThinMan management features.

With Praim ThinMan Scheduled Activites you can have an execution of a command at a fixed or “scheduled” time. With ThinOX these can be such activities such as Power On, Power Off, Reboot, Firmware Update (also in the form of Add-On installation), setting device password, ThinMan server address, sending messages, custom commands. With Windows Embedded the actions are many of the above along with Third-party software installation. Addition actions can be included for TCi Workstation client, XPe, CE6, and Teradici devices.

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Examples of scheduled activities use cases:

  • Waking up thin clients in the morning:

With the scheduled activities, we can wake up thin clients every morning. This makes sure the terminals are powered up and ready for people to start working.

  • Update thin clients during the night:

Updates generally require a maintenance period. The schedule activity allows this to be automated in a way that the updates happen overnight with minimal business impact.


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