Praim is proud to announce the start of a technological partnership with LG Electronics, a multinational company based in Seoul, South Korea.

LG Electronics needs no introduction, part of the parent company LG Corporation, it develops a wide range of consumer products, from appliances, smartphones, monitors and TVs of the latest generation. In the latter market, LG has a leadership position, and is among the few companies in the world to produce large-format LCD TV panels independently, in addition to holding the patent for OLED technology. LG also offers a series of products oriented to the business market, including also Thin Client solutions with integrated monitor.

Praim’s high concentration in the workplace virtualization market and the continuous software development dedicated to supporting the main VDI and Cloud infrastructure vendors, such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMware, has allowed Praim to develop a certified software solution for workplace management.

Since 2016 Praim has started to make its software technology available as a licensed product, independent of the Thin Client hardware component. The thin client operating system together with the management solution is now available to be used also with hardware platforms of different manufacturers.

Why this choice? Praim has distributed over one million products to date, developing both hardware and software; the thin client hardware component, although decisive for quality aspects, has increasingly standard features and reduced production costs. The value of the Praim thin client solution is determined by the software component, developed over years of concentration in this market. Praim has always aimed to provide an excellent product, together with pre and post-sales services to support its solutions.

The availability of Praim software technology together with the high hardware quality and sophisticated design of LG products are the key elements of this collaboration.

A collaboration that led to meeting LG on a recent trip to Korea, where Praim had been able to see the incredible South Korean organization of the LG Electronics development team. Attention to quality and design are factors that have enabled LG to be acquired in Korea for years as an excellent manufacturer, long before the brand was taken over in Europe as such.

The wide range of LG monitors with integrated hardware units, also with medical standards, combined with the security of the Praim ThinOX operating system, allow to offer a high quality Thin Client solution for many areas of use. The centralized management of all workstations, thanks to the Praim ThinMan tool, allows the customer to reduce the complexity and the relative management costs.

This partnership allows a close collaboration between the technical and sales departments for the creation of a new all-in-one solution. Praim is certain that this opportunity will give both companies the opportunity to offer the market solutions with a high quality standard, both for hardware and software.