There are many great benefits to migrating end users to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, including management and security. However, one of the often-overwhelming aspects of VDI deployments is ensuring there is a consistent user experience, interface, and management across end user devices. This is certainly a challenge across Windows deployments when organizations may have a number of different Windows versions, configurations, and other dissimilar setups to provide a consistent experience and interface when accessing VDI environments.

Praim Agile is a great solution that allows businesses to provide a consistent platform for VDI access, no matter what version of Windows they are running or configuration of the workstation. Recently, Praim has released a new version of Agile that offers some really great additional benefits for organizations looking to effectively manage their VDI environments. Let’s take a look at the benefits from Praim Agile as well as the new features from this latest release.

What is Praim Agile?

To begin with, what is Praim Agile? Praim Agile is a solution that transforms your PCs into flexible and managed devices that provides seamless management and control over your end user devices with just one simple tool. Praim Agile offered for two different platform solutions – Agile4PC and Agile4Pi. You can turn either your Windows PCs or Raspberry Pi devices into uniform VDI endpoints for accessing your VDI infrastructure.
There are three main use cases for Praim Agile, including:

  • Management and control
  • Desktop lockdown
  • Browser kiosks

Praim Agile provides a simple and intuitive uniform interface to access VDI environments.

Management and control

With Praim Agile, management and control of your Windows and Pi devices connecting to VDI environments are greatly simplified and extended.
Benefits include:

  • Manage all your PCs with just one tool: By connecting to Praim’s ThinMan server, you can monitor, configure, and distribute software and provide automation to operations on your VDI endpoints managed by Agile and integrated with ThinMan.
  • Monitor and manage corporate PCs inside and outside the Microsoft domain: Generally management of Windows PCs has to be carried out by joining the domain. However, with Agile with ThinMan, you can organize, manage, and configure activities on your PCs outside of the Microsoft Windows domain.
  • Manage your PCs and access configurations to Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft RDS: Manage the configurations needed to access your VDI environments quickly and easily.
  • Manage Wi-Fi network configurations: Wi-Fi configurations can easily be managed through Agile.
  • Deploy software installation packages: Using ThinMan Server, Agile can facilitate third-party software installations through a very simple wizard-driven interface.
  • Provide remote support on PCs: IT admins can leverage the remote support capabilities that are offered by ThinMan, allowing support sessions directly from the console without having to load or purchase any external support tools or utilities.

Praim Agile simplified interface.


Desktop lockdown

Security is one of the pressing concerns among all business landscapes these days. Having the right tools and mechanisms to both configure and enforce security mechanisms is a must.
With Praim Agile, you have the right tools for security including the ability to completely lock down the end user device.

  • Make PCs completely secure: Replace the Windows desktop with a very “mobile-like” interface for accessing applications.
  • Block access to configuration parameters: You don’t want end users having the ability to alter system configurations, possibly introducing security vulnerabilities. With Praim Agile access to system configuration settings is completely controlled by the administrator.
  • Block writes to disk with Microsoft Unified Write Filter management: This is a function to control writes to disk which is a great defense against malware and specifically ransomware from invading your environment.
  • Deploy security certificates and password expiration management: Certificate management and password expiration can be controlled in a much simpler way than the more complex Microsoft domain group policy solutions.
  • Authentication via Wi-Fi network and ThinMan Login feature: Take advantage of Wi-Fi network connects for accessing corporate resources.


Browser kiosks

Browser Kiosks are a very powerful solution to providing access to the Internet and other resources in public locations. However, creating them manually by using Microsoft policies and other means can be complex and difficult to do.

With Praim Agile, Browser Kiosks can be created in as little as 5 clicks. Functions such as access to the browser can be controlled in a simple and automatic way. All of these features can be enabled on Windows 7, 8.1, and Windows 10.

Praim Agile creates a beautiful mobile touch experience, allowing end users to be able to navigate and utilize the kiosk easily and intuitively.


Praim Agile 2.6.5 Release – New features

Praim is continually improving and adding features to the Agile platform. Recently, Praim released Agile 2.6.5 as part of the portfolio of current products to extend VDI functionality and features inside your VDI environments.
New with this release of Agile, Praim has added the following three new features:

  • USB redirection configurator: Allows redirecting USB devices from the PC to the Virtual Desktop. With the USB redirection configurator, admins have easy access and control over which devices are redirected to the virtual environment.
  • USB device lock configurator: Each USB device contains a device ID (VID and PID) and USB class that can be used to identify the type and manufacturer of the device, chipset, etc. With USB device lock configurator, VDI admins have the ability to enact device lock rules to control which devices users are allowed to access when connected to a Praim Agile system.
  • Energy settings configurator: A new easy way to control energy settings with the Energy settings configurator.


Concluding thoughts

Managing and maintaining end user device interfaces across a landscape of different Windows versions can be a management nightmare.
However, with Praim Agile, providing a consistent, secure, and uniform VDI environment interface can be easily accomplished. With the new features found in Praim Agile 2.6.5, IT admins have even more tools at their disposal to configure and manage their VDI endpoint devices.

Be sure to check out Praim Agile to download a free trial version of the software and try out the features yourself.