In Praim we have always considered the channel a very important component and we’re sure we’re stronger together with our partners. For this reason and in order to further enrich it, we have made some changes to our Partner Program, which we believe can improve the benefits of being a Praim Partner.

First of all, being a Praim Partner has always been free, as well as the training we offer. We support both the distributor and the reseller, remotely or in person. Our Partners know our availability and our desire to work closely with them.

But being a Praim Partner means collaborating with a company that is constantly evolving. It is not unusual for us to make ad hoc changes to our products and services after listening to the suggestions of our Partners, also because the steps to bring new changes are reduced: they are accepted and put into production quickly. For this reason, we listen a lot.

The benefits that our partners can benefit from with the new Partner Program are, among others:

  • Annual acceptance of the partnership conditions. We evaluate the status of partners every year to prove their level.
  • All Praim resellers must be Partners, this eliminates the occasional sales and ensures the enrolled Partners.
  • Commercial and technical online training (or at the Partner’s headquarters) through a platform with content developed by Praim.
  • Business Plan that simplifies Partner activities.
  • The technical support requests, the Deal Registration and the acceptance of the conditions are all done through MyPraim and remain traceable.
  • Incentives for the sale of software and hardware.
  • Incentives for planning and carrying out marketing activities.

We have established 3 partnership levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold, with exclusive benefits. To underline those that are common to the 3 levels and the most important ones:

  • Use of the Praim logo and the badge related to your partnership level
  • Access to technical support
  • Access to dedicated technical and commercial material
  • Deal Registration
  • Commercial and technical training is mandatory only at the highest levels, although we recommend that it be used by partners of all levels.

The best endpoint management software on the market, ThinMan, is the tool that allows a connection between different users and Partners and we believe that the correct positioning of this tool is a success factor for the Partners.

Praim participates in many industry events in Europe and in the United States and our partners can have the opportunity to participate with us. In addition, Gold level Partners have the opportunity to participate in BETA programs, with important advantages.

Together with these advantages, we also underline the great importance of the MyPraim platform, which users and partners can access. MyPraim offers a number of options for managing a client’s hardware and software infrastructure, such as:

  • Support ticket opening/management
  • Firmware download/new ThinMan versions/patch etc.
  • RMA management
  • Deal Registration (partners only)
  • Full license management (can also be renewed and ordered from here).
  • Partners can also manage their customers’ MyPraim platform, so that they can open tickets, request licenses, download software (we know that in some cases the Partner is responsible for everything).

At the time of this writing we are going through the changes the Covid-19 situation is causing. Many things have changed and will remain so. Remote working is here to stay, so it’s a good time to take advantage of our Partner Program.