From the next month ThinMan Server will also be available in a 64-bit version. It will therefore be possible to install your ThinMan server on all native 64-bit Windows machines, obtaining higher levels of security and great advantages in terms of performance, especially in large installations with thousands of workstations.

There are in fact two main advantages brought by this new version. First of all, the new ThinMan will be able to fully make use of the superior performance of the 64-bit processors, now widespread on all server machines, without having to request operation in 32-bit compatible mode. Furthermore, the larger size of the memory address space will contribute to significantly improve the functioning of the protection mechanisms integrated by Windows, to protect the system and its applications, including ThinMan, from the execution of malicious code (see ASLR – address space layout randomization).

But that’s not all! The improvements in memory use made by the transition to 64-bit allow to further expand the management potential offered by ThinMan Server, which with the 64-bit version will allow even if the WSS protocol is used to manage an unlimited number of endpoints.

ThinMan will still remain available also in 32-bit version, ensuring full compatibility and operability for all uses on server machines of past generations.