We have already covered two of the new Praim Feature Packs so far – User+ and Admin+. With these packs customers have many different features and functionality to provision and maintain a very robust thin client environment, they are purchasable singularly or combined depending on each customer needs.

The third Pack available in the new Praim licensing model is the Network+ Feature Pack that adds some interesting features. Let’s take a closer look at the features and capabilities of this Pack and see how customers benefit from it.

Praim Network+ Pack

Many large and very distributed companies have business and technical needs that differ from other types of businesses. In very distributed architectures there may be many different locations and edge environments connected with various WAN circuits and network connections.

Organizations with many different locations and branch offices connected by relatively slow and expensive WAN connections have the need to optimize the traffic between the locations and conserve bandwidth.

With the Network+ Pack, Praim customers get access to the ThinMan Gateway solution that has a repeater function between remote network devices and the ThinMan management console. This allows conserving bandwidth for device updates and other functions due to WAN traffic and updates activities optimizations thanks to the remote repository for updates maintained by the ThinMan Gateway.

In addition, after installing the ThinMan Gateway, IT administrators have a complete remote access solution to thin clients without the need for a VPN connection. Management capabilities include remote Wake on LAN, support operations, managing profiles and policies across remote networks.

With the Network+ Pack, the ThinMan Gateway is available in three different formats including software, virtual appliance, and hardware appliance.

With the efficiencies and robust capabilities the Network+ Pack includes by way of the ThinMan Gateway, organizations can manage and maintain thin clients across a number of branch and edge environments effectively and efficiently, saving expensive WAN bandwidth. In addition, with ThinMan Gateway, you no longer have to manage complex VPN connections simply to centrally manage your thin client devices in remote offices.

New Praim Licensing – Simple and Modular Approach

The newly introduced Praim licensing models provide businesses with the flexibility and feature sets they need to implement the capabilities they require. With the modular nature of the new Praim licensing, businesses can add the licensing required for the features they need.

User+ Pack focuses on user roles, LDAP integration, and profile management. Admin+ Pack focuses on many businesses need for high-availability, scalability, and security. Finally, Network+ Pack focuses on network efficiency capabilities to the mix with the ThinMan Gateway Server to save bandwidth and efficiently use expensive WAN connections between branch locations. With the new cost-effective Praim licensing, have the capabilities you need, with the feature flexibility you want, and for a cost that fits into your budget.


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