In the previous post, we took a look at the new Praim licensing model that brings about a greatly simplified approach to licensing your Praim environments. As shown, this includes three new Feature Packs in addition to the ThinMan Advanced Edition: User+, Admin+, and Network+. With User+ licensing, Praim customers get a great additional level of licensing beyond the ThinMan Advanced Edition, that allows interacting with many great Praim features including providing different experiences for users based on roles, departments, and tasks when different resources are required for each. It also enables management of user profiles and identity along with LDAP integration for centralized management of identity using solutions like Active Directory.

Another additional level of licensing is the Admin+ Feature Pack. What features and functionality are afforded by Admin+ and why are these important? Let’s take a closer look at this next Praim Feature Pack.

Admin+ Pack

Praim Admin+ Pack can be an alternative or an additional pack to the User+, adding many features that help to bolster business-continuity, scalability, high-availability, advanced administration, and security enforcement. What are some of the features enabled by the Admin+ license in each of these areas?

  • Business-continuity and scalability – The Admin+ license allows defining an external database for ThinMan Server so customers can benefit in a number of ways. This includes increased scalability for the platform in environments with a large number of workstations being serviced by ThinMan. The external database allows splitting out the load from the frontend and backend connections made to and from ThinMan Server.
  • High-availability – For most, having high-availability built into your systems is a business requirement. With the Admin+ license, you can stand up a secondary ThinMan Server instance in your environment which provides high-availability in case the primary ThinMan Server goes down for any reason.
  • Advanced Administration – With advanced administration provided by the Admin+ Pack, you can allow different admins to access the ThinMan Server console with different rights and enabled features depending on role-based access models that align with your business needs.
  • Security Enforcement – With security enforcement, this enables the usage of private local certificates to enhance the security of the Praim solution when using the WSS protocol.

With the features provided in the Admin+ Pack, customers are able to build their Praim infrastructure out to extend functionality in several key areas, providing better resiliency, availability, scalability, and security. The new licensing model, including Admin+ allows organizations to tailor their Praim solution in a way that works for the individual needs of the business.

Concluding Thoughts

While the User+ Pack may provide many environments with the functionality they need, organizations who need even more enterprise features can benefit from the Admin+ Pack. Choosing the Admin+ license allows you to build in several key features to bolster the availability of your thin client solution powered by Praim. In addition, larger environments may need the scalability afforded by targeting an external database with the Admin+ Pack.


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