Licensing is an important part of any solution and its possible challenges or complications can get in the way of fully realizing the benefits of a software solution you may own. Praim is going to make changes in the way that its solutions are licensed that serves to deliver the same great Praim features with a licensing model that will be greatly simplified. In this quick overview of the new Praim licensing model, we will take a look at how it will be divided up as well as key in on the new User+ Pack.

Why the change in Licensing?

How do customers benefit from the new change in Praim licensing across the product portfolio? The new licensing model will help to greatly simplify the licensing of Praim products and solutions. It will make the features and capabilities afforded across the product landscape more easily understandable and will help to align Praim solutions more closely to customer needs.

Additional benefits include:
• Providing a modular solution that allows customers to cover specific tasks
• Providing a clearer pricing structure based on needs
• Helping to simplify customer budgets

Let’s take a brief look at the new Praim licensing model and how it is structured.

Overview of New Praim Licensing Model

The new Praim licensing model will be divided into new categories of licensing that customers will benefit from depending on the solution, features, and capabilities they need in their environment. Click here for more details on the new Praim licensing preview. The new Feature Packs of the ThinMan Advanced version are named based on the needs of Praim customers:

• User+
• Admin+
• Network+

Let’s key in first on the User+ Pack and see what features and capabilities are included and how customers benefit.

Praim User+ Pack

With User+ Pack Praim provides different experiences for different users based on roles, departments, and tasks who need access to different resources. User+ enables the management of user profiles and identity as well as allows integrating with an LDAP-based centralized directory service like Active Directory.

Large companies who have employees sharing workstations across many different locations and who require mobility of employees roaming between will benefit from the User+ Pack. Praim solutions with the User+ Pack will allow full functionality for these types of mobile employees, sharing resources.

In addition, the User+ Pack includes Praim’s Smart Identity solution which allows businesses to have the security tools they need for increased enforcement. Smart Identity allows implementing two-factor authentication and smart cards to more effectively and securely control device access.
This provides the tools needed for many different use cases and organization structures such as controlled companies with different domains and multiple LDAP identity sources.

Concluding Thoughts

Praim’s new licensing model allows your business to have the tools and solutions needed in a simplified manner by providing clearer pricing that more closely aligns with specific customer needs. As shown, the User+ Pack provides great features to serve many different roles, departments, tasks. In addition, User+ allows customers to implement the Smart Identity solution to provide better security and two-factor authentication.


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