December is always one of the most challenging months and in Praim we are already working to ensure that next year begins in the best way possible.

2020 will be a year full of novelties, from various points of view: from the Tech Department, to Research & Development, Sales and Marketing Area.

One of the most important and impactful innovations that will be introduced early next year, will be the radical change in the licensing of our software solutions.

The main intent is to enhance the centrality of ThinMan, the unified endpoint management console. Praim is close to the release of a completely renewed version of ThinMan, which will allow users an improved and simplified management. Together with Thin & Zero Client and Agile and ThinOX4PC, ThinMan will form one of the three macro areas in which all Praim solutions and products will be divided.

The new licensing of software solutions will tend to mainly simplify the understanding, use and purchase of all our customers. In fact, the model will be based on a fixed annual subscription per device and the unit price will decrease as the total number of devices to be managed increases.

ThinMan will be available in different versions:

  • ThinMan Basic: completely free, with limited functionality but perfect for managing a small endpoint estate.
  • ThinMan Advanced: the version from which to start an efficient, effective and simple management of the endpoints infrastructure. The Advanced version will include all the main features needed to better manage any number of devices. In addition to this version, three Feature Packs will also be available, additional to ThinMan Advanced, depending on the client’s strictest needs and use cases:
    • Network+: the fundamental pack to manage delocalized infrastructures, including the ThinMan Gateway component and the remote Wake on LAN
    • Admin+: perfect for device administrators requiring high availability, external database and multiple users.
    • User+: for those who need control and policy on users and accesses; this package includes the ThinMan Login and ThinMan Smart Identity components.

Discover all the characteristics of the 3 new Feature Packs. 

A model that places the user at the center and therefore wants to meet its needs and requirements, working perfectly with most infrastructures, allowing a simple and fast management of any endpoint.