At Praim we are always looking for continuous improvement. These efforts are transformed into a constant technological development of our solutions and in an increasingly advanced strengthening of our channel.

That’s why 2020 will see many new features, including the complete review of our Partner Program in order to improve the quality of the service offered both to our end users, and to the entire channel, through a structured, solid and incentive program for our Partners.

The main goal we want to reach is to create a fleet of dealers that is as qualified as possible, to take advantage of all the benefits Praim offers and that can at the same time provide a higher quality service to all end customers.

The new Partner Program 2020 sets itself the main objective of introducing new advantageous incentives for Partners, especially at Silver and Gold level. Emphasis will also be placed on training, both commercial and technical, delivered through a free online platform. A fundamental requirement to be a partner at a superior level, but at the same time a warranty of superior quality towards customers.

Among the main requirements of the new Partner Program 2020, we find a change in sales targets that will be divided between hardware sales objectives and software sales objectives, thus allowing the Partner to choose how to achieve compliance and, as already mentioned, a drastic improvement as regards the training part, both sales and technical.

Many benefits have been added to the previous program, among which: access to technical, commercial and reserved marketing material, access to technical support and to our recently revised ticketing system, new forms of rebate, both on hardware and on software, a new marketing fund delivery model for both Silver and Gold Partners.

The qualification of our partner park starts here.

We have perfected the processes to make it possible to improve the entire channel and customer service and, in this, the new Partner Program represents another step together towards excellence.