Trento, April 26th, 2017 – Praim offers a full range of thin & zero client solutions that natively integrate the Caradigm Single Sign-On solutions to deliver an effective, safe and easy access to workstations, specifically developed to reach the needs of healthcare employees.

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows access control of multiple independent software systems and thanks to that it improves security and operational efficiency. Praim ThinOX is an Linux-based operating system, specifically designed to offer users and administrators a high quality thin client solution, granting security, reliability and simplicity of management through Praim ThinMan console.

“With this new integration, available both on our Windows Embedded and ThinOX thin clients, hospitals can provide secure workstations with fast access via smart cards and proximity cards,” commented Tony Main, UK Technical Sales Manager at Praim. “With the desktop roaming feature operators can quickly access their work environment from anywhere in the hospital. The combined solution ultimately improves service to patients, saving time in authentication and ensuring safe and tracked access to information at all times.

Praim and Caradigm have already combined their technologies successfully introducing new IT solutions to one of the biggest NHS in Northern Ireland.

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