A company’s desktop hardware needs to keep up with technology, below you can find 5 reasons why you should consider upgrading your endpoint infrastructure.

Server improvement with GPU virtualization

The cost of providing GPU virtualization has reduced while client experience has improved dramatically. Make sure that the endpoint device is able to benefit from this new experience by using compatible devices and firmware.

End user expectations

Multiple large high-resolution monitors are now common, and the use of DisplayPort and HDMI is becoming de facto. Replace your low-resolution legacy thin clients with Praim Neutrino and Edge devices to see sessions in 4k.


Platforms with unsupported firmware, while working OK, present a risk. Remove the risk by replacing the hardware which uses current firmware and operating systems

Support lifecycle

Windows 7 will be end of life on January 14, 2020. Upgrading to Windows 10 may not be possible on thin clients with limited storage and RAM. Use the Praim Trade-In offer to replace these units to ensure continued support.

Endpoint management

Choosing a thin client with class leading management is vital. Praim are unique in providing a single management interface for all of your VDI connectivity requirements on Linux, Windows and on the Raspberry Pi.


Finally, Praim are running a Trade-In promotion to the 31st of March. This applies to any brand of thin client device and details can be read at this link.

For more information on the Praim solutions visit the Trial section, where downloadable evaluation software can be obtained for you to experience how Praim can make ownership of your endpoint infrastructure easier, faster, secure and affordable.