Praim is always looking for advanced solutions designed around the customers and the various sectors in which they work. In addition, we constantly establish fundamental technological partnerships, to do our best to provide the market with products of superior quality and performance.

Our new Thin Client is called Domino MED, a variation of the well-known Domino, designed in collaboration with LG for the healthcare environment.

The healthcare sector is a world that presents particular and well-defined characteristics and needs. Domino MED is the ideal All-in-one Thin Client solution for this specific sector, which puts together all the incredible performance of a top of the range device with the standards in use in any hospital environment, such as the IEC 60601, CEMDD and FDA Class 1 certifications.

Domino MED has an ergonomic design, without any fan. A 24″ full HD monitor,which can vertically rotate 90° for vertical use and to which another 4K monitor can be connected. The powerful AMD Prairie Falcon GX-212JJ processor from 1.2GHz up to 1.6GHz together with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of Flash Disk and 6 USB outputs, complete this elegant and functional solution.

Praim Domino MED is available in two versions, with Windows 10 IoT operating system, complete and performing, and with ThinOX, Praim’s simple and fast Linux-based operating system.