As of recently, organizations have been tasked with deploying or expanding the infrastructure to support their remote workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With these rapid changes, organizations may have had to move quickly to provision remote access solutions.

How can remote workers and their devices be managed efficiently and in a centralized manner? Let’s take a look at how Praim Agile4PC allows your organization to manage remote users and their devices in a standardized way across devices, efficiently, and securely.

What is Praim Agile4PC?

Before looking at the benefits that Agile4PC brings to your organization and your efforts to manage your remote workers, let’s take a look at what Agile4PC is exactly.

Agile4PC is a lightweight “agent” for Windows operating systems that allows automating monitoring, configuration, software distribution, and access to Citrix, VMware and Microsoft virtualized infrastructures. It provides the benefit of standardizing user access, no matter what version of Windows they are running or the device they are running it on.

It allows organizations to present a “mobile-like” interface to end users in order to access VDI environments and applies this across the entire user base. Additionally, since Agile4PC integrates fully with ThinMan Server, organizations are able to centralize the management of users and Agile4PC installations all from within the ThinMan Server console.

How Agile4PC bolsters and enables smart remote working

As your organization transitions from simply providing a remote work solution to your workforce and into a longer-term solution, having the right tools to deliver a continued remote work solution that is easily supportable, standardized, and secure is extremely important. Praim’s Agile4PC helps your organization to do this in the following ways:

  1. Provides a standardized UI for remote end users
  2. Has built-in security controls to lock down the UI
  3. Enables centralized management of both remote users and devices

Provides a standardized UI for remote end users

When thinking about supporting a remote workforce, the more standardized the deployment and tools used to access business-critical applications, the support burden will be eased. Agile4PC provides a standardized interface that remote workers will use to access your internal business-critical applications or VDI infrastructure.

This saves tremendously in time and support costs due to the standardized UI. As organizations have transitioned heavily to a remote work force, having the ability to minimize support is a key business requirement. No matter which version of Windows is installed on the end user device, Agile4PC standardizes and streamlines the interface.

Example of a simplified desktop for the user with some virtual resources and some local apps enabled.

Built-in security controls to lock down the UI

The security of your remote workforce is extremely important. Since end users are not physically located within the confines of an on-premises corporately owned location with the corporate network security controls in place, you want to ensure that remote workers are using applications and devices in a way that is sanctioned by your organization.

Agile4PC allows your organization to provide a desktop that is “locked down” in a secure manner that only allows performing certain actions or running only programs that are sanctioned by your business.

Enables centralized management of both remote users and devices

By integrating Agile4PC with ThinMan Server, you have an entire end-to-end solution for providing centralized management, updates, and support to remote users and devices. Agile4PC with ThinMan Server provides the following capabilities:

  • Manage both Windows domain-joined workstations and standalone Windows workgroup computers
  • Centrally control remote end user and device policy
  • Streamlined lifecycle management of end user device software and firmware updates
  • Ability to control hardware and other management features such as Wi-Fi
  • Ability to easily provide remote technical support from within the ThinMan Server console to remote end users.

Managing Remote Workers with Agile4PC

Briefly, let’s take a look at just a few of the powerful management features that are available when using Agile4PC. These include the following:

  • Configuration
  • Simple installation
  • Easy remote assistance for your end users
  • Perform updates and other lifecycle management for end users
  • Enable or disable applications from startup
  • Manage external devices and peripherals


Unless Agile has been distributed already configured with the devices, the IT administrator will have to take care of configuring just one Agile4PC workstation and then, thanks to ThinMan, this can be distributed to all the other Agile stations that will connect remotely. In this case, the only action required of the user will be to enter the URL to reach ThinMan at the end of the installation.

Simple Installation

The Agile4PC installation is a simple executable that can be deployed or executed by the end user. The installation process is a simple “Install, Next, Next, Finish” process.

(User and Admin) Installing Praim Agile in Windows 10

Once Agile4PC is installed, remote end users simply insert the ThinMan Server address.

(Utente o Admin) Configure ThinMan address to securely connect back to your organization’s Praim infrastructure

Easy remote assistance to your end users

Praim Agile4PC allows remote assistance to be easily given to remote end users who may be working from home and experiencing issues. This allows technicians to have the tools to effectively help users organization-wide, no matter where they are physically located.

(Admin) Remote assistance options are integrated as part of the Agile4PC and ThinMan solution

Perform updates and other lifecycle management for end users

Despite the location of the end user or the device that Agile is running on, using Praim ThinMan Server, your organization can effectively and efficiently manage lifecycle operations in a centralized way, including Agile Updates, thin client firmware, or even third-party updates including the VMware Horizon client and others.

(Admin) Easily manage updates in a centralized way using ThinMan Server

Enable or disable applications from startup

Using Agile4PC configuration, you can either enable or disable applications from the user startup to ensure the user has laser-focused access to the applications they need for business-productivity and those removed that may serve as a distraction.

(Admin) Adding and removing startup items is made easy and centralized with Agile

Managing external devices and peripherals

External device management can be extremely difficult to manage effectively, especially for remote workers. However, with Praim Agile, this task is simplified. Within the Agile configurator, you can choose wich USB devices to block, enable or redirect in both Citrix and VMware Horizon.

(Admin) Managing peripherals and external devices with Praim Agile

Wrapping Up

When the majority of your workforce is working remotely, having the tools and solutions needed to simplify access, management, and troubleshooting is critically important. As organizations transition from the “Day 1” implementation of simply getting a solution in place to “Day 2” operations, Praim Agile4PC coupled with ThinMan Server allows you to do this efficiently. You will not experience differences between remote or in-premises end users, easily managing mixed workforces. The centralized management, easy lifecycle operations, and remote troubleshooting tools will allow your organization to save time and money supporting your remote workforce.