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Turn your Raspberry Pi into the cheapest and most performing thin client

Agile4Pi transforms your Raspberry Pi 3 B and Pi 3 B+ endpoints into optimized  thin clients for the access to Citrix HDX infrastructures.

Maximize your Citrix HDX investment


Agile4Pi with Rasperry delivers a Full HD experience with client-side video rendering.


Thanks to the full integration with Citrix Receiver, it guarantees total compatibility with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly XenApp & XenDesktop), providing a high-performance workstation that at the same time allows to lower your investments in endpoints.

Manage all your endpoints with just one tool!


Agile4Pi connects your Raspberry with the ThinMan management console so you can monitor, configure and distribute software on all your devices. By automating repetitive tasks, ThinMan frees up your time for other important tasks.


– Centralized management of your endpoints
– Inventory and organization
– Agile4Pi software updates and Ubuntu MATE updates
– Distribution of Citrix Receiver configuration
– Distribution of software and security certificates
– Wi-Fi connections centralized management
– Power Off
– Remote support/Remote access via SSH

Greater simplicity and security for access to virtualized resources


Agile4Pi presents the user with a smart and controlled interface for accessing Citrix applications.
Only the administrator can access the configuration, allowing users the ability to customize video resolution and language, mouse and keyboard settings. Say goodbye to tampering.


– Desktop lockdown
– Access to local and remote applications with smart GUI
– Device authentication via Wi-Fi network
– ThinMan Login: simplified access and custom profiles
– Smart Identity: login via smart card
– GUI customization

Create a kiosk in seconds!


With Agile4Pi create a customized full-screen browser kiosk in just 5 clicks. From information points to digital signage, with Agile4Pi you can create and control kiosks easily and automatically. Device security and application startup is assured.
Agile4Pi is compatible with Citrix Secure Browser Standard Service.


– Simplified creation of browser kiosks
– Customization of navigation buttons

Download product specifications


 Download now the documentation:

Complete your endpoint solution with perfect management!

Discover how the ThinMan management console can help you managing all your endpoints in an easy and effective way.



Agile4Pi can be purchased as an annual lease  fee per device.

The fee is divided into two levels, related to the ThinMan management console:

Agile4Pi Premium
Agile4Pi Platinum



 Price €
Agile4Pi Premium – New Licence – Lease fee, 1  Endpoint, First year use 15,00
Agile4Pi Premium – RENEW Licence – Lease fee, 1 Endpoint, 1 additional year use 15,00
Agile4Pi Platinum – New Licence – Lease fee, 1  Endpoint, First year use 20,00
Agile4Pi Platinum – RENEW Licence – Lease fee, 1 Endpoint, 1 additional year use 20,00

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