ITAS Assicurazioni embraces Cloud Computing to acquire better reliability, flexibility and sustainability.


The whole ITAS project put its focus on annual IT costs and energy costs savings as well as an increased sustainability, in line with green politics of the insurance group. It was also a part of a technology infrastructure ousourcing developed in partnership with Dedagroup S.p.A.


To virtualize and migrate 500 workplaces to thin clients between the headquarter and the claim settlement offices of the group. The key points were based on the complete server and data outsourcing and on a complete reliability and punctuality of the offered service. All of this during the move of the new headquarter, with the need to grand as less problems as possible to the clients.


A total move of services and data to Dedagroup S.p.A. Cloud infrastructure, by implementing final technologies as VMware Horizon 5.2 for the headquarter and VMware Horizon 6.2 for the branch offices, in addition to the adoption of Praim ThinOX and WES7 thin clients which grant a centralized and remote management through Praim ThinMan Console.


ITAS obtained considerable benefits like: costs reduction, energetic savings and less CO2 emissions. Furthermore, it optimized the system and simplified the IT support work and, thanks to ThinMan Console, it reduced times and costs of endpoints installation and configuration.