A tangible improvement in the configuration of new workstations and extension of support services affected the qualitative leap of the logistics Group.


The main need reported by Fercam S.p.A. consisted in the improvement of the management of the entire infrastructure by the IT department, which is located at its headquarters in Bolzano. In this case, the Group pointed to an improvement in the speed of implementation, management and standardisation of new workstations, as well as the reduction of the time for technical assistance.


Simplifying the management of over 1300 thin clients already in use, creating the configuration template to be assigned to established groups, managing in this way also all devices that have special and customised configurations.


The implementation of Praim ThinMan console, which allows remote and centralised management of all endpoints of the Group.


Fercam started to enjoy a significant reduction in setup time of new workstations, which now goes from 15 minutes to 2 minutes, and an improved remote support service, for a direct and detailed service to all branches.